Dan Rather Rips Trump For Defending Porter: ‘This Is A Low For The Country’

Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather tore into President Trump after Trump defended a former aide who was accused of domestic violence, The Hill reported.

“Mr. Trump once again proves he is indifferent to the fate of anyone other than himself. This is a low for this country that is nothing about politics. We can debate tax cuts and immigration policy and how we fund education. We can disagree about the size of our military or the best balance for protecting the environment. That is democracy,” Rather wrote in a Facebook post.

“Debating whether credibly accused wife beaters should be allowed the honor (and that is what it is) to serve in the White House isn’t democracy. It’s madness – and a moment of sadness for the country.”

His comments come after White House staff secretary Rob Porter resigned following reports that he abused his ex-wives.

Trump on Friday offered praise for Porter. He said he hopes Porter has a “great career ahead of him” and that he did a “very good job” during his tie serving in the White House. The president added that it is a “tough time” for Porter.

Trump made no mention last week of the women specifically and offered no general condemnation of domestic violence.

On Saturday, Trump posted on Twitter that lives are being destroyed by a “mere allegation” and questioned a lack of due process.

In his Facebook post, Rather said the “Rob Porter wife beating scandal that has the White House under siege is a heat-seeking missile to the heart of many of President Trump’s biggest fears and vulnerabilities.”

He said the scandal reminds people that Trump has been accused by multiple women of sexual misconduct. He added that it reminds people there are dozens of people working in the White House without full security clearance.

“Meanwhile the incredible cocoon of privilege and ego with which the President envelopes himself blinds him to the sheer horror of his statements in defense of Mr. Porter,” Rather said.

“He rails against the injustice of these ‘accusations’ (this from a man who accused President Obama of being a foreigner). He talks about how ‘Peoples lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation’ but says nothing about the WOMEN victims.”

Rather continued: “What about the lives of these women? Have they not been ‘shattered and destroyed’? And what about the lives of all of the women (and men) suffering in domestic violence situations?”

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